Target Run

I woke up later than I had planned today but I still managed to get a good amount of productivity in. It has been well below freezing here this week and I was short on time so I opted to run to the gym in my apartment complex rather than my usual one. After fitting in a great cardio workout with some light weights I ate a quick dinner and headed to the store.

For some odd reason, Target seems to be the only store that has the exact type of kitty litter my cat uses. So, rather than risk rocking the boat I begrudgingly happily run to Target to buy large batches of kitty litter every couple of weeks. It has been a while since I’ve been there so I took my time perusing the store.

Oddly enough, although it is only the second week of January, the bathing suits are already out at Target meaning winter wear was on clearance! I scooped up a great sweater that I cannot wait to wear with leggings tomorrow. I also found that there was a huge clearance on belts. I don’t normally consider myself a bargain shopper, however, I absolutely refuse to pay a lot of money for a thin piece of (usually fake) leather and because of this, the few belts I do own are worn out. Luckily, each of these belts only cost me around $3!

iPhoto Library

I also bought a few other items on sale: a warm hat and a headband that I thought was too cute to pass up and some new running socks (not on sale but I actually needed those). On my way out of the store I found this great cork board that I cannot wait to hang up next to my desk!


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