Pijon box!

I’m a little bit obsessed with subscription boxes at the moment. There’s something about getting a surprise in the mail that I just love. I’m also currently lamenting my college days apparently because I got a discounted Pijon box in the mail and loved it so much I ordered 3 more. The box is meant to be a care package for college students and although I’m not currently in undergrad anymore, I got all nostalgic and wanted to pretend. 

I can’t wait to try out these clean eating gluten free, vegan snack bars!

These gummy vitamins tasted so good I forgot they weren’t kids snacks! I don’t currently take vitamins so I’ll have to look for these in stores.

I don’t use my desk as often as I should (mainly because I’ve switched over to using my iPad full time) but I’m curious to see how this works so I”ll be testing it out.

I’ve resolved to start making more salads at home so these crunchy chic peas will make a perfect salad topper!

It seems like I can’t get past dry skin season so this organic chapstick was a welcome addition. It so creamy and smooth and didn’t leave my lips feeling all gunky like some chapsticks will.

I’m a sucker for to-go snacks so a healthy option for the next time I’m running late to work is much appreciated.


Weekend Getaway 

It has been extremely chilly in Charlottesville this year and while I admit that I can’t complain nearly as much as anyone in the north east I needed to go somewhere warmer. Fortunately for me, my friends Katie, Chris, and Patrick all live in Atlanta and I decided to capitalize on the opportunity to head south. I called my friend Shea who lives about an hour north of me to see if she would like to join. Once we hashed out all of the details, we headed down south for the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t much warmer in Atlanta than in Charlottesville last weekend but I managed to have a great weekend anyway. 

The one thing I wanted to do while there was go to the aquarium. I’ve always wanted to visit and this weekend I got the opportunity to.

This Giant Grouper was clearly creeping me out

Two of my guy friends surpised us by showing up to the aquarium!

After the aquarium we went to Monday Night Brewing to taste some beer. I’m not a huge beer drinker but it was fun to check out somewhere new (and the owner is a UVa alum!). 

On Sunday we went met up for brunch at Highland Bakery. I ordered peanut butter stuffed French toast (hey, it was my vacation). I was shocked by the size of it though and could only eat a few bites. 

Peanut butter stuffed French Toast- I couldnt even come close to finishing it.

After brunch, the girls and I spent the rest of the day lounging around Katie’s apartment. Shea and I had a long drive back home ahead of us on Monday and Katie had to prepare for work. 

After an excessively long drive, we finally made it safely home to the bitter cold in Virginia.