Pijon box!

I’m a little bit obsessed with subscription boxes at the moment. There’s something about getting a surprise in the mail that I just love. I’m also currently lamenting my college days apparently because I got a discounted Pijon box in the mail and loved it so much I ordered 3 more. The box is meant to be a care package for college students and although I’m not currently in undergrad anymore, I got all nostalgic and wanted to pretend. 

I can’t wait to try out these clean eating gluten free, vegan snack bars!

These gummy vitamins tasted so good I forgot they weren’t kids snacks! I don’t currently take vitamins so I’ll have to look for these in stores.

I don’t use my desk as often as I should (mainly because I’ve switched over to using my iPad full time) but I’m curious to see how this works so I”ll be testing it out.

I’ve resolved to start making more salads at home so these crunchy chic peas will make a perfect salad topper!

It seems like I can’t get past dry skin season so this organic chapstick was a welcome addition. It so creamy and smooth and didn’t leave my lips feeling all gunky like some chapsticks will.

I’m a sucker for to-go snacks so a healthy option for the next time I’m running late to work is much appreciated.


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