Afternoon vibes

I hurried home from work today to try and get some GRE studying done. By the time I had gotten to Mudhouse, however, my intentions had changed. It probably had something to do with the excessive noise in the coffeehouse (must be afternoon vibes) but the music was pretty loud and not really conducive to studying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m quite enjoying the change of plans. I haven’t picked a date yet for my GRE so I’m not really in a rush. I’m hoping to take it sometime this fall but I still have a whole year before I can apply to graduate school anyway so I’m taking my time picking a date.

Sitting in this coffeehouse makes me realize how much I’ve missed writing. I actually spent a bit of time daydreaming today about how much I missed blogging and just writing in general. I haven’t written in my journal in ages and I have a feeling I would cringe thinking about where my life was if I reread the last entry I wrote. So I think my goals for next month will include a more regular posting schedule. 

I’ve started waking up before work to get a workout in and I feel like I’m so much more productive when I do that. Although the struggle is real getting out of bed, I’m hoping that it will help me enforce a more regular routine. One of the main reasons I chose to take my current job was because I hated the inconsistency of working night shifts and only knowing my schedule 6 weeks at a time. Now that my body is able to sleep at night (most nights) I feel like the change to waking up one extra hour shouldn’t be too complicated. Now, at 5 pm I’m able to say I’ve had a really productive day and I still have a few hours left before bed time. I can get used to this day shift thing. 


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