National Girlfriend’s Day

This weekend was really busy but packed full of fun. On Friday, I went to Grace Estate Winery to listen to some music and sit outside and, of course, drink some delicious wine. We hung out until the sun set and then drove back Charlottesville where I had an early bedtime.

The view at Grace Estate Vineyards.
Saturday started out with a leisurely stroll to the city market to get some groceries for the week. I ended up with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and a lot of fresh veggies to cook.

Aren’t these sunflowers beautiful?
After my leisurely morning, I packed my things and hopped in my car. My best friend, Audrey, has just moved into a new apartment in Maryland and we planned to meet up for the rest of the weekend. The two and a half hour drive wasn’t terrible, the weather was beautiful and Route 29 has some pretty scenic views once you get out of Charlottesville “traffic”. I use quotes because what people in Charlottesville (myself included) consider horrible traffic is really nothing compared to what most commuters deal with.

I could not have been happier to see Audrey. I miss seeing her every day and it was nice to catch up. On Sunday, we went hiking at Sugarloaf Mountain and then relaxed at a local vineyard listening to live music and enjoying the day. What a great coincidence that it happened to be national girlfriends day this weekend (who knew that was a special day?).

audrey and I sugarloaf 2
Not pictured: the giant rock we climbed in order to get view in the background.

black and white sugarloaf
I like to pretend I’m artsy sometimes. But really, the view (even in black and white)!


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