Purple Bell Peppers

Last night I tried a purple bell pepper for the first time. And it was delicious. When I went to the farmer’s market last week, I found a bunch of bell peppers and I was shocked to see purple among the available colors. I threw it into my bag because, why not? I’m down for something new. I’ve been reading a new book that talks about produce and the different nutrients available in each. This book also talks about how many of the fruits and vegetables you find at the grocery store are less nutritious than what you will find at farmer’s markets. I’ve not finished the book yet but it has encouraged me to shop more at farmer’s markets and my local market so the purple pepper was a fun experiment which, to tell you the truth, I had actually forgotten about until yesterday. Last Monday I roasted two sweet potatoes and two squash together with some quinoa and that lasted me the whole week. Sure, I cheated and bought take out one day and my dad cooked me dinner last night, but for the most part, most of my meals this week consisted of 4 vegetables and quinoa!

Anywho, today I remembered the pepper and a few other veggies I had in my crisper so I poured myself a glass of red wine, pulled them out of the fridge, and set to work thinking about what I wanted to make. I ended up chopping everything up, throwing half of it into a pot with some rice, and pouring the left over Khao Soi (from my takeout night) I had on top. I must say this is one of the best dinners I’ve made in a while (sure the sauce from the Khao Soi probably contributed most of the flavor but I liked that I turned it into mostly veggies instead of the noodles it came with).

veggie kao soi
Leftover Khao Soi with veggies and rice (I already scooped out a lot of the rice in this picture. It was thicker but I just couldn’t wait).

While that was simmering, I found the mixed greens I bought last week and tossed them into a salad spinner with the remaining half of the veggies. I even made a dressing with a little bit of garlic, lime juice, olive oil, and just a drop of soy sauce.

farmers market salad
Mixed greens with a chopped onion and cucumber

I’m pretty proud of the variety I created for myself last week and I probably spent $20 total for groceries. I still have a few days worth of food left too. I’m guessing that it will probably take me a while to figure out how to plan my meals and what I need to purchase if I’m really going to stick to cooking more frequently. But the good thing is that it’s loads cheaper than eating out and to be honest, this was the best dinner I’ve had all week. Maybe that’s because I worked for it.


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