My Newest Toy

I’ve always been interested in photography as a hobby but never really figured out how to get into it. Since I’ve already announced that I would be going to Africa in February, I decided that this would be a good push for me to finally get into it. That way, when I go on my trip I’ll know I will have a lot of great visual memories to treasure when I get back. I also wanted something that would take better quality photos than my iphone for uploading to my blog/social media (if you notice in the first couple of posts I have from January, my pictures leave much to be desired. Although that probably has more to do with the photographer/background/lighting than the camera itself).

I’ve spent the past few weeks researching cameras for beginners and deciding what would be best for what I wanted to do. I knew I didn’t want a regular point and shoot camera because I have an iphone so that seemed silly. And I obviously wasn’t about to shell out loads of cash for a fancy camera I couldn’t figure out how to use. So I set to researching and ended up finding a mirrorless camera with the ability to swap out lenses that I really liked. I purchased the Sony a5100 last weekend and spent some time testing it out. While the camera has some really neat smart features, I’m excited to start learning how to use it in manual mode.

I’ve found a few articles that have detailed the basics but I find them a little confusing without a subject to actually focus on with my camera in hand. In the coming weeks I’ll start bringing my camera out and playing with it (I’ll have a lot more pictures to share now on my blog). And, as the summer is ending, I’m sure the fall will bring out some lovely subjects here in Charlottesville.


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