Saturday Errands

Last weekend I had plenty to keep my busy (hence, my late posting tonight). I’ve been working at Michael Shaps Wineworks on Sundays so I’ve been trying to pack as much as possible into my Saturdays. I started the my weekend with an early morning workout and meeting up with some of my old sorority sisters who are still in town for breakfast. I say “old sorority” because they were the girls who were a part of Sigma Delta before we recieved our charter and officially became Sigma Delta Tau. These were the girls who really had my back. Most of them were older than me so they provided a form of guidance for me to look up to my first and second years in college. These girls were my biggest supporters, encouraging me to run for executive board and to challenge rules from the beginning. It was so nice to have a group of us together to catch up and I can’t wait for the next hang out.

After brunch, I got in my car to find that it would not start. Ugh. After checking to make sure that I had not left any lights on I determined that whatever was wrong was not my fault. I got my car jump started and found that I needed to go immediately to buy a new battery since mine was donezo. After having a mini panic attack about how my car is getting older and will eventually start needing me to put money into it I calmed down and thanked my lucky stars that it was just a battery that needed a replacement. Things could be worse, and now I know how to replace a car battery. Add that to the list of things I know how to do but will never actually do myself because my dad does it for me along with changing my oil and a flat tire. Actually, that’s false, I have changed a flat before on my own. The battery I’ll avoid however because, knowing me, I’d shock myself and go into cardiac arrest.

I finished the morning by running errands and enjoying the nice weather while I shopped. By the time I got home it was almost 5 pm and I was exhausted. I rallied though and ended my evening downtown with friends for drinks.

bubble tea
I stopped at Capital Teas for a vanilla bubble tea and to relax between errands.

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