You Pay For What You Get

This week has been unusually quiet at the office. I guess that’s what happens when the bossman goes on vacation… so does EVERYONE else. I mean literally every other person in the office decided to take a vacation this week. I guess I didn’t get the memo. Oh well, someone has to hold down the fort (of course, its the newbie).

Having a quiet office gave me some time to get work done (and not work things done too). Since the Lilly Pulitzer summer sale started Monday, I used the quiet time to order a few things on my phone. I normally don’t like Lilly Pulitzer because I’m not a fan of looking like the Easter Bunny threw up on me. And I don’t really call myself preppy/feel the need to brand myself as such even though I do wear some preppy clothes. Having said that, some of their solid print tops are beautiful and I found a few things I’m really excited about- I am a sucker for a sale regardless of the brand (depending on how good her deals are and these were GOOD). I need some new tops for work anyways so I don’t feel guilty in the least bit about my purchases. I also found an adorable maxi dress that I’m worried will be too long for me but I’ll see when it comes in the mail. I’ve already made a pact with my friend Abby that she would get first dibs if it doesn’t work out.


We’ll see how this maxi dress works out. I’m optimistic.
I always go back and forth between spending a lot of money on a few good items and a little money on cheaper things. Without fail, I always end up regretting my cheaper purchases. This weekend, I stopped at Marshalls because I desparately need new shoes to wear to work. I ended up getting two whole outfits and two pairs of shoes. This morning, I found that I didn’t like one of the pairs of shoes as much as I thought and have already put them in the pile to go back to the store. I can already tell the top I’m wearing (from Marshalls) isn’t going to last more than one or two washes so, although it was cheap, I’m kind of kicking myself right now. It’s been a while since I’ve made any cheap impulse purchases and hopefully this will be a reminder not to again any time soon. 

While I’ll be taking a break from the shopping sprees until my bank account recovers, at least I know that my online purchases were worth while. And I can’t wait until they arrive in the mail!


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