Harvest Season Has Begun

It’s hard to believe that it is already the end of August. Usually the summer drags on for me because I cannot stand the heat but its hard to believe that fall is slowly creeping up on us. I can’t wait for cool weather, sweaters, and warm drinks. The mornings have been a little bit cooler-nice enough so that I’m not sweating on my walk in to work every day which is nice, I’m sure my coworkers appreciate it. Another thing that the end of summer means is the beginning of the harvest season for vineyards.

I work at a local vineyard in my spare time and last night we had our harvest season kickoff party. It was really fun gathering for dinner and talking to the winemakers at Michael Shaps and Grace Estate Winery. I love working for Michael Shaps in my spare time because I’m learning so much about wines and all of the hard work that goes into the making process. The cool thing about the winery is that its a custom crush facility, which means they make Michael’s wines along with a lot of other local vineyards. Michael also has a vineyard in France and we have a special tasting menu with just French wines. It’s been a lot of fun learning about different vintages and the whole process of viticulture.

I’m sure that the beginning of Harvest Season means a lot of exhaustion for most of the people who work there but for me it just means I get to learn a lot from the background. My plan is to mostly just stay out of the way and pick up a few extra shifts to help out in the tasting room but just being in the vineyard during this time is so exciting.


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