Current favorites

Do you ever feel creative with nothing to say? I find that sometimes I do a few blog peruses and I get all excited and inspired by other artists but can’t really form words to describe the way I feel. Information overload if you will. So today, I’ll share my thoughts by linking to two
of my current favorite things. 

Call Your Girlfriend-THIS.PODCAST.IS.EVERYTHING. I don’t even feel the need to explain further. Listen ladies, Amina and Ann are total badasses and exemplify everything I feel in life. I feel like every podcast is basically a Skype date with my best friend so I’m really glad this exists for the days when I miss her most and we don’t have time to catch up. 

First Listen– Billy introduced me to The Foreign Exchange this year and I’m so excited that I got into them right before they dropped a new album. Asking for a Friend is such a catchy song and I’ve been listening to it on repeat on Spotify at work this week. Luckily, the full album has been available on NPR’s first listen and I think it’s also up on apple music now too.  I will say I enjoyed their last album, Love in Flying Colors more. However, Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey did not disappoint and I’ve only listened to it once so far.

I originally had more ideas planned for linking but I started class this week and I’ve been busy at work. I’ll try to find a few more fun things to share for next week.


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