Products I’m Loving

Last weekend I hit a weight loss goal. I had told myself once I reached this goal, I’d get a hair cut and FINALLY after a few weeks of being stagnant, I did it. My hair had gotten longer than it has been in years and was all sorts of dead on the end. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I finally walked into the Ulta salon and sat down to have my head deep conditioned and trimmed.

Finally a new 'do! It feels so much lighter (and softer).
Finally a new ‘do! It feels so much lighter (and softer).

While in Ulta I couldn’t help but browse the store for beauty products so I thought I’d share a few things I’m loving right now:

Orly nailpolish. I picked up this rubberized base coat at the recommendation from a friend and OH. MY. GOD. I’m obsessed. While working in the hospital I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails and hence am still really bad at it. It took me a while to realize that you apply the nail polish color to the basecoat while it is still wet (many chipped nails/redo’s later) but once I finally figured it out I was amazed at how fast it dries. I love that it makes the color spread out more evenly and it feels silky smooth when dry. I’m only on day 2 of the polish so we’ll see how long it lasts but so far no chips or flakes. The friend who recommended it said hers lasted 8 days before she decided she wanted to change her color up. I’ll take it.

Si by Giorgi Armani. I have never been much of a perfume girl. Mainly because working with patients has taught me not to wear anything in case someone had respiratory issues. The only scent I had at home was Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease (which I still love) but I felt like since I now have a (mostly) office job I can get away with a little spritz every now and then. I stopped by the perfume counter at Ulta and smelled a few of the rollerballs and instantly fell in love with this one. I put it on this morning and can only smell a hint of it on my wrists right now which is great because I don’t like scents that are overpowering at all. I loved getting it in a rollerball though because I can carry it with me and reapply whenever.

Covergirl+OlayCC cream. I used this in college and had forgotten how much I loved it. Seriously, you just use one pump all over your face and your skin is instantly evened out. I think the color I got was a little dark for me but since the summer time has been kind to me, it’s worked out. I’ll need a lighter shade for the cooler months but it’s a must have in my book. I wear it every day but its especially nice for days when I don’t have time for foundation this is perfect. If you tend to have oily skin it can exacerbate that since it has a moisturizing serum to it. I usually dab some powder on over it and it looks great.

Starlooks brown matte eye pencil. I’ve always loved Starlooks. Most people don’t know about the brand because it started out as a monthly box that has slowly grown. I got my first starlooks product in an ipsy box and was obsessed with it. So much so that I stopped ordering ipsy boxes and subscribed to Starlooks. I’ve since dropped my subscription but that was only because I felt like I had too much make up and needed to use up what I had. I will definitely pick up the subscription box again in the future once I dwindle my supply down a bit.


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