Whole 30 Check In

Its been one week since I’ve started with the Whole30 lifestyle and I have to say, I’m loving it! I haven’t had any major headaches or mood swings but I think part of that was because I’ve been trying to decrease my sugar intake for a while now, both for my health and because I knew I wanted to try this lifestyle out. I did have some trouble sleeping last week but I’m not sure I can relate that to the program, I get insomnia sometimes. The past few nights however, I’ve been sleeping like a baby so maybe my healthier diet has been helping with that. 

I kind of cheated last week and weighed myself-I couldn’t help it. I felt like I was lighter and my clothes felt looser and I just wanted to see. In the first 5 days, I had dropped 4 pounds! I’m sure a lot of that was water related and just because it has been such a change from my normal diet but I don’t hate it. On another note, my skin so SO clear right now. I had three very large, very red acne scars on my face when I started and now one of them is completely gone and the other two have shrunk quite a bit. I’m hoping with another week of this they’ll be gone completely.

I’m happy to say that after week 1 I haven’t had any major cravings except while I was in the dollar store on Saturday. I walked by the candy/soda aisle and had this weird impulse to buy everything. Odd because I wouldn’t normally buy massive amounts of junk food anyway but maybe I’m still in the whole impulse/learning to say no phase. Either way, I obviously endured.

Speaking of saying no. I’m getting really good at it. This week  at Wineworks, we had lunch catered from C&O (it’s part of the perks of working during harvest). I had packed my lunch knowing that I most likely couldn’t eat anything and I was right. Even the salad had candied pecans in it. Normally, I would’ve given in with some excuse about how lunch from an expensive restaraunt is hard to pass up but I endured and it was much easier than I expected. I think the biggest struggle is going to be later on when my brother gets in town for Labor Day. He wants to visit wineries/breweries all day and when I told him about the Whole 30 he thought I was insane. I’m still working on persuading him to go to Blue Hole for the afternoon instead. And, since I’ll be the one driving, he won’t really have a choice. 


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