Whole30 Week 2

It’s Monday night and I just can’t tolerate watching this Eagles football game anymore. Our offense is off and I’m just hoping that they figure out how to get themselves together before the season really gets moving. Good thing its only week one of football season.

Anywho, I figured that since I’m now two weeks in I should update again on how I’m feeling during my Whole30. I started this journey 2 weeks ago and after reading the timeline, I’ve noticed I’ve had a slightly different experience. I’ve been feeling energized since day one with a few days of excessive sleepiness last week (they also correlated with my menstrual cycle so I’m not quite sure which to blame there).

I will say that I have been craving cupcakes lately. Specifically, Sweethaus cupcakes but I digress. According to the timeline, I’ve reached the part of the program where I start dreaming about foods I don’t like (for the record, I like cupcakes). I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to me but we’ll see. It’s the turn of the weather which means pumpkin baked goods are everywhere I turn and . I’ve done a good job of avoiding sweets so far which gives me confidence that I’ll be able to stay strong. Someone came into work today with a delicious Albemarle Baking Company cake and I didn’t even bat an eye when I said no thank you. Normally I’d have eaten a huge piece regardless of whether I wanted it or not.

I think I’ve gotten far enough into the program that I’ve stopped planning out my meals for the whole week and I need to be careful with that. I have a pretty stocked pantry at the moment so my on-the-go snacks won’t get me in trouble but I find that when I don’t have something tasty to look forward too I’m more prone to eating unhealthy. I have enough homemade chicken curry and roasted vegetables to get me through the next three days so I should be find until I have time to cook again on Friday.

As far as weight loss, I don’t think I’ve lost any more weight but my clothes fit better and I think I look slimmer. My skin, however, is where I really see a change. It is completely glowing. I’ve just been using my tinted moisturizer and tapping some powder over my face to set it every morning.


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