Rainy Reflections on Whole30

Today was such a typical fall day. It’s rainy and pretty chilly here. Not too cold by any means, but just cold enough for me to put on leggings and warm fuzzy socks as soon as I got home. I should be studying for a test I have tomorrow but instead I have opted for snuggling on my couch with Reggie and watching YouTube videos. At least I’ve studied for the exam all last week…

This weather absolutely makes me want to just nap and cozy up on the couch. I may attempt to make a chai tea with whole30 compliant almond milk later on but we’ll see if I have any in my pantry… If not, only a few days left until my vacation and the end of this diet revamp. I love that with this whole program I can make adjustments for my life and it will still work for me. Sure, I can’t say I’ve done a whole30 but I look and feel great enough to reap the benefits of doing one. I also know now how I want to live all the time. I’m excited to keep experimenting with recipes and prepping meals for the week that are compliant even if I will allow myself a treat here and there. I’ll probably add legumes back into my diet as I’ve never had issues with them in the past. The grains I’ll keep to a minimum just because they will help me keep my weight down (although I do love some crunchy breads on occasion). But the real change is my sugar intake. Eating this way is definitely going to help me limit my intake of sugar and over time I’m sure I’ll want sweet treats less and less. Not consuming dairy is a big change as well and although I have missed cheese, I’ve learned that I can definitely live without and still enjoy my food.

The best thing about this lifestyle is that it’s so adjustable. If I find that I’m getting out of control with my eating habits, I don’t need to do a full whole30 every time I want to check myself. I can just do it for a week or two or whatever until I reach my goals and reset my mindset. I’m sure I will want to complete a full whole30 in the future but for now three and a half weeks was good. My pants are so much looser and just yesterday I wore a top that was tight across my chest when I first bought it, now I have room to spare! I love not worrying if my clothes are going to fit or not. It’s such a confidence booster and something I’ve never had the luxury of not worrying about before (more on that in a post to come).

I’m not out of the woods yet though so that chai tea may have to wait if my pantry isn’t stocked. I guess regular tea will have to suffice.


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