Technology Triumphs

I am a genius! Well, not really but I am really proud of myself right now. I have never been a computer person and generally feel like if I try to fix anything technology related I end up making the situation worse. Usually I end up giving up and either paying someone to fix the issue or just throw the electronic product away. NOT TODAY! I’ve been avoiding using my computer for a while because it had become SO. SLOW. I mean like glacial pace slow. To the point where I couldn’t even type a word document without stopping every three words to load. I was pretty frustrated because I’ve only had this computer for about 3 years, definitely not long enough to consider purchasing a new one. So I’d just resorted to using my iPad for everything (not good for typing blog posts, sorry if the last few have been a little convoluted).

Today however I finally took the time to look into what I could do to make my computer run a little faster and I completely fixed the problem! My computer is running as fast as it ever has. Applications open. I’m really just beyond proud of myself right now and I promise that the next few blog posts will be a little more interesting (maybe even involving some pictures!). I’ve been too busy lately to take any photos of interest which is why my posts have been rather wordy. But, since I now at least have the power to upload pictures, I’ll leave you with a photo that always makes me smile.

My cat Reggie just posing for the camera.

P.S. the technology-gods must really be on my side today because I almost deleted this whole post on accident and then wordpress restored it for me.


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