Powering Through

Wow what a crazy week it has been! I can’t believe that just a week ago I was in sunny California on vacation because I have been such a busy bee. I’ve been really productive at work this week and I think that its safe to say the “summer slump” is over. As in, people are done having fun and putting off their doctor’s appointments so now we have a bajillion more people to see than. Really, a whole bajillion. I’m not complaining though, I enjoy being busy at work as it makes my days go by so much faster. I also enjoyed the fact that this week in my anatomy class we covered bones, and there just happens to be a model of the spine in our clinic so… that’s what I did with my downtime. 

I took a look at my calendar today and was pretty shocked to see that I have something to do almost every day of October. Seriously, if I’m not at work I’m in class or volunteering, or working at the vineyard, or (hopefully) trying to find time to study and finish my applications for graduate school. I have, luckily, had a few hours to myself in the evenings (and by few I mean 1-2) in which I snuggle with Reggie and just unwind. Unfortunately, that has not left any time for chores and I have a feeling that my day off this week will be spent doing laundry and cleaning my apartment. I also realized today that I’ve had mix up with my health insurances since I have two providers and forgot to link them (#adulting) but at least I’m noticed it. A year ago I probably would’ve just ignored it until the bills came and it was too late to do anything. It’s just annoying to add it to my list of things to remember to do. One day I’ll find the magic chore fairy, but until then, I guess its all up to me. 

The good news here though, is that since I’ve been eating healtier and sleeping more regularly, I’ve had the energy and the positive outlook to handle it all. I’m enjoying all aspects of my time and although I’ve had some very stressful things happen to me this week, I’ve managed to take a big breath and let them go. A year ago, a week like this would’ve pushed me over the ledge and I’d be so unhappy and stressed out I wouldn’t be able to sleep or let any of it go. But right now, things are manageable and that’s pretty exciting. 


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