I Tried a New Fruit Today!

Lately I’ve been slacking hardcore on my health endeavors. It’s the Holiday season still, right? Today, however, I found a new resurgence of my desire to treat my body better. While I haven’t been eating terrible in terms of consuming animal products, I have been eating a lot of unhealthy, fatty foods and treats that go along with the season. Now that I can say that the holiday parties at work and the random cheat foods will be less abundant at the office I’m looking forward to crowding in more fruits and vegetables.

Today I woke up in a bit of a food haze. You know that feeling when you eat something really fatty and greasy and it just doesn’t sit well? That was me this morning. Last night, I went to a local bar that has the most delicious vegan burger in town. I followed that with a serving of sweet potato fries and a beer (or two). I know that’s not the worst meal I could’ve had but their sweet potato fries are fried to the max. Although they are a delicious treat, I always eat too many and find myself bloated and puffy for the rest of the night (and in this case, also in the morning). To combat that, I woke up and eased myself into drinking water with lemon, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper. I wasn’t hungry until around lunch time and I had already made plans to meet two friends from high school for lunch in Fredericksburg so I did not have much in the way of options.

For dinner, since I haven’t been eating much in the way of raw foods, I decided I needed to make myself a green juice. I walked to the local grocery store to stock up on a few fresh veggies and while in the store, I conquered my fear of trying new things and brought home a Persimmon. I AM SO GLAD I DID! How have I never eaten one of these before? They’re delicious! I cannot wait to grab some more the next time I need to go to the grocery store (before they go out of season). When I got home, I made a green juice with cucumber, kale, and a grapefruit. It was just the right amount of juice and I’m very thankful for this mini cleanse of sorts for dinner. I feel back on track even though I have been slacking off lately.

As 2015 comes to a close I’m preparing myself to go completely plant based in the New Year. I’ve taken the veganuary challenge and plant to eliminate all animal products from my diet for at least a month (although, hopefully forever). And obviously I want to focus on crowding in healthy plant based whole foods rather than vegan junk food. The biggest issue I’m still struggling with is finding a way to socialize without eating out because although Charlottesville is wonderful for foodies, the vegan and plant based options around here are slim. I’m hoping with the end of the Holiday season, it will be easier to cook for myself and just meet friends out for non-food activities.



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