Adventures for the New Year

Last weekend was jam packed full of activities for me. After spending all of New Year’s day relaxing, I met my parents at the movies to watch Concussion. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. As someone who works in neurosurgery, is a huge football fan, and has suffered more than one concussion in my life, I found it especially thought provoking.

On Saturday, I traveled to Fredericksburg to visit my best friend Audrey. She lives in Maryland so Fredericksburg is a good “half way” meeting place for the two of us (although, I have to admit I have a much better end of the bargain. My drive is filled with beautiful horse farms whereas she’s normally battling traffic on I-95). We met at 25 30 Espresso which was a really cute coffee shop I had never been to. I thought it was funny that Audrey had found this local shop I’d never heard of. I spent almost 16 years of my life there, how could she know downtown better than me? After catching up over breakfast, we wandered the streets and browsed the stores for a few hours before saying goodbye.

On Sunday, two of my good friends and I headed to Skyline drive to ring in the new year with a fabulous hike.

We ended up doing 9.8 miles in 4 hours and 20 minutes (and that included stopping for lunch and photo-ops)! I haven’t been able to motivate myself to workout since then but that’s also probably related to the fact that winter finally showed up around here on Monday. Yesterday, I walked to work in 18 degree weather! I know its January and should be expected but just two days ago it was in the 50’s on top of a mountain!

I hope everyone is finding ways to stay warm this week! I found solitude in developing a new recipe which I’ll post later this week.


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