Refrigerator FAIL

I got home from work Tuesday to find my refrigerator completely warm. I noticed the night before that our freezer temperature wasn’t quite right and submitted a maintenance request to my landlord immediately. By the time I got home from work the next day, there was a temporary fridge waiting but everything in the freezer was completely room temperature. Yuck. Luckily, I only had some frozen produce and quinoa as well as a few baguettes leftover from last week’s Wineworks customer appreciation event (perks of the job, free baguettes and wine after every event).

I salvaged the bread and we’ll see about the frozen fruit and veggies. I’m thinking they may refreeze well enough for smoothies but I’ll have to test out a batch and see. Anything leafy green went right in the trash (including an unopened bag of asparagus from Costco that I was really looking forward to eating). As far as my fridge went, I was able to save everything! One of the perks of eating a plant based diet-fresh produce won’t go rancid in a few hours. Unfortunately for my roommate, we had to throw out most of her food as it was in contact with meat and definitely not worth risking getting sick over.

The one good thing that has come out of this though, is that I can completely reset the food I have at home! I threw out some of my less healthy options in the process of cleaning and have made it my mission to only stock healthy plant based foods in my kitchen going forward. I also managed to free up a lot of room in our fridge and am going to try my best to eat more minimally going forward. There’s no reason to have heaps of food in the fridge waiting to go bad.


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