You Thought I Abandoned You-April Fools!

I know its been a long time since I’ve been around but to be honest, March was pretty jam packed this year. I can’t believe that today is the 1st day of April and just three weeks ago I was in the most amazing country. It still feels like a dream which is partly why I haven’t posted about my experience yet. Writing it down means that its over and that I’m back to my usual routine.

To preserve the trip in my mind, I’ll post about each city we visited individually as we experienced too much to jam it all into one post and I have so many great pictures to share.

After a 17 hour flight to Johannesburg followed by another flight to Cape Town, Abby and I arrived just in time for bed on the first night. I woke up early the next morning and had coffee in the hotel cafe overlooking Table Bay. That was kind of my thing every morning and that view is one I’m already longing to see again. We took a helicopter tour of the bay and then Abby and I rented some bikes and explored.

On our second day we went to Franschhoek  which is the biggest wine producing area in South Africa. We went to two beautiful vineyards and sipped some delicious wines before heading home for the evening. We called it a night after having a quiet dinner at the hotel with the rest of our tour group.

On our third and final day in Cape Town, Abby and I took a Hop and Ride tour of the city and it was incredible! We stopped in Bo-Kaap where I found the cutest little spice shop and got some really cheap spices to take home with me. We also took some obligatory pictures in front of all the colored houses. The colored houses are especially beautiful when you know that they were originally painted by Africans who were freed from slavery and moved into the neighborhood. They were so excited to be free that they painted their houses in bright colors in celebration of their ability to wear whatever colors they wanted and to finally be able to express themselves.

We finished our stay in Cape Town with a dinner at Gold’s Restaurant which was an interactive dinner with traditional African dishes from throughout the continent.

The view from our helicopter!


The first of two vineyards we stopped at in Franschhoek. 

Bo Kaap

At the top of Table Mountain.


Getting our faces painted at dinner.

Cape Town was an incredible city and it kind of reminded me of San Francisco, California. Except much prettier (in my opinion) and a lot cheaper (I mean A LOT cheaper-but duh everything is outrageously expensive in Cali). I could’ve stayed in that city for weeks without becoming bored. It was also an incredible way to start my first adventure into a new country as everyone spoke English fluently and the city was vibrant and felt so safe during the daytime. When we got on our plane for the second leg of our journey we were both so sad to be leaving after only 3 days. Little did we know how incredible the second part of our trip would be.

More on that in my next post!


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