The Last Leg

For the third and final part of our trip we traveled to Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls. As one of the 7 Natural Wonders, the falls are the tallest in the world. While admittedly there really wasn’t much to do in the town besides visit the falls, it was worth it to see such a beautiful sight. We also got to relax in the National Park and I squeezed in a game drive the night we got to the lodge. Just a few hours north of our stay in Hoedspruit, the scenery was abundantly green and luscious.

This tree was 1700 years old!
The day we visited the falls we also perused a local market and I got my first taste at haggling for goods (it’s a skill I’m not very good at) and we also took a boat ride on the Zambezi River. Technically, I can say I’ve also been to Zambia but since we never got off the boat and onto land, it was totally legal. 

Although a quick stay, I am glad we stopped here. Zimbabwe is a country I doubt I’ll ever travel to again (although I never imagined I would make it to Africa in the first place so who knows). Although I have spent time in some of the poorest parts of America (looking at you Appalachia) even these towns seem luxurious in comparison. Where we stayed in Zimbabwe, it wasn’t uncommon to see people living on the side of the road- and this was in a tourist area. By the time our stay in Victoria Falls was over, I was happy to finally be heading home to America. With the journey back came a renewed sense of gratitude for everything I have in life. However, I will admit, when our final plane out of Johannesburg took of for the States, I shed a few tears thinking about how much I would miss Hoedspruit and Cape Town.  

Before the beginning of this journey I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never been pushed out of my comfort zone so much- even though I really didn’t have much to complain about given the nature of our trip. I am so proud of myself for doing something out of the ordinary for me and I was lucky to have one of my best friends as a travel companion. We traveled surprisingly well together knowing when to give each other space to get acclimated to our new surroundings everywhere we went. 

Now that I am fully settled in back at home (with more big changes soon to come), I’m happy to have the memories from this trip to fall back on. I’ve decided that my next big vacation will probably be here in the states as there are a few things on my bucket list that I haven’t gotten around to (more specifically: Glacier, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Jackson Hole as well as a few cities I would love to explore). I’m sure these trips will happen eventually but for now my bank account needs to recover. 


One thought on “The Last Leg

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s always interesting and good to hear an outsider’s opinion of one of the places where I grew up. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country as are her neighbours. You are right when you say that race relations could be a lot better, because this has set the country back by many years. Hopefully when the dust settles we can get back to building a more tolerant nation. This has to happen in the context of a more tolerant world so it would certainly help if America could lead the way here….

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