Sick Day Recap and MY NEW HOUSE!

I know things have been quiet again around here so I figured I would use my unplanned sick day to show my blog some TLC.  Hopefully, this is just a cold but to take precaution I took the day off from work leaving me with the time to finally reflect on the past few weeks. I’ve been insanely busy and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Last week, I closed on my very first home! I am so excited to have a place to call my own and to finally be putting equity into a place rather than just renting my life away.
I’d been toying with the idea of buying a house but I really didn’t think that it would be a possibility for me for a long time. Especially since I’m starting graduate school this summer and I really didn’t want to live very far from work/school. The market in the area that I wanted was either way out of my price range or not up to my standards of living. But luckily, I found the perfect little townhouse tucked away about a block from where I currently live. I still can’t believe how perfect it is for me, or that I’ve committed to making such a large purchase.

I spent the last weekend at my house cleaning and starting to paint the place. A few of my friends came over to help me which really made the process go by a lot faster (and much more fun). On Sunday, I headed back to the house bright and early to work on the second coat in one of the bedrooms before meeting up with my family for Mother’s Day. Joe and his friends rented out Skybar for the afternoon and the moms really appreciated hanging out. After dinner, we headed back to my brother’s house where I spent the evening playing basketball and football with my brothers. For once in my life, I actually outplayed them! David swears it was “because he played soccer all morning.” Excuses, excuses.

Working on the second coat of paint!

My brothers, my niece, and I after playing some football.

All that activity must have caught up with me though because yesterday I woke up with an extremely stuffy nose and my throat, which had been sore all day Sunday, was still pretty sore. I suffered through work but was able to leave early to go to the doctor’s. I was a little worried I was going to get septic again. I never found time to blog about my post-Africa experience but I got extremely sick and ended up in the ER with a fever of 104 when I came home. Luckily, they never found anything seriously wrong and chopped it up to a cold/UTI/exhaustion from traveling. So far, this cold has been a walk in the park in comparison to that. For now though, I’ve been alternating between lying in bed and on the couch with tea and water and soup by my side. Fingers crossed that I’m back to myself tomorrow because I had planned to spend another Saturday working on my house this weekend!


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