Sunday Solo Hike

I think all of my toenails are falling off. I just got home from a 9 mile hike/rock scramble and my whole body hurts. It’s the good kind of hurt though. The kind where you feel like you accomplished something incredible. I woke up early this morning and decided to hike Old Rag Mountain. It was a pretty spontaneous decision but I felt like I needed some alone time.

This week has been pretty intense at work and although I only have two weeks left until I go back to the ICU, it feels like some people are upset about it. I can’t help the change, and in fact, I’ve stayed in my job for almost 2 months since I put in my official notice so at this point I don’t feel that there is anything else I can do. I’m just trying to keep my head down for the next two weeks.

My summer course finished on Tuesday which was a nice relief but it made for a busy start to the week. This weekend has been incredible but very busy and filled with socialization. I loved every minute of it and I’m glad that I had today to do my solo hike and regenerate for the week ahead (us introverts need that alone time every now and then).After my hike I stopped at one of my favorite vineyards and bought a bottle of white wine that I plan to sip on tonight.  I am home with enough time to order some take out (Thai food will go great with the white blend I bought-the Gibson Hollow 2014 if you’re curious) and try to finish Orange is the New Black.


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