Back to School

My first week of graduate school has come and gone and I’m feeling slightly better after having attended most of my classes and really looked at the course syllabi. I’m a little nervous for statistics as its a doctoral level course and I have to use a program to analyze data which is something I’ve never done before. I’ve never even used outlook beyond organizing lists (which I’m sure is not it’s intended purpose).

Luckily, our professor is encouraging us to work together on the homework because as nurses we’re a collaborative profession. He wants us  to bounce ideas off each other before writing our own answers to the assignments. That will be especially helpful for the programing part! And it really does make sense given the fact that nursing is all about teamwork (as much as we try to make it harder on ourselves, I can’t imagine a shift without my coworkers).

Speaking of work, I’m officially back in the ICU and I could not be happier! By the end of my first shift I felt like I hadn’t been gone for a full year and I’m so excited to step up into a leadership role as I get my bearings back again. It was also pretty funny how all the older residents I ran into told me that they missed me (what? a resident noticing something other than a possible procedure?!?). It’s also pretty exciting to see the positive changes that have happened in my absence. People seem so much happier and the teams (from my experience) are all collaborating so much better than when I left. It’s nice when a doctor looks you in the eye and occasionally uses your name when talking to family members (sounds like a small thing but it really shows the families that 1. my judgement is important when caring for your loved ones and 2. the docs actually trust me which means you probably should too). I could write a whole post about that little rant but we’ll save that for another day.

Although I had to miss out on my family vacation this year and I had a minor panic attack last week at the thought of balancing school, work, Junior League and seeing my family and friends every once in a while, I couldn’t be happier with where I am. I know that going back to the ICU was the best thing for me as my last job wasn’t a good fit regardless of school. I need to be around people my own age and I need to be in a job where I can talk to my coworkers and relate to them. I also need to have hands on time with my patients, I learned a lot about the health system working as a care coordinator and my assessment and critical thinking skills were definitely improved by triaging people over the phone. And for as much as I complain about it, I’m so excited to be back in the nursing school. After everything that happened to me during my undergraduate experience, the school of nursing was by far the best experience of college. I’m excited to be challenged by my courses and, as our Dean of Students said during orientation “be completely transformed by the program” into an expert clinician.




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