October Goals

I know its already a week in but I figured there was no better time to start mapping out my goals then the present. Fall has been crazy so far but I love how busy I am. It’s keeping me moving and, most importantly, it’s keeping me in the moment (something I’ve always struggled with).

Here are a few things I’d really like to accomplish this month:

  • Finish my workout log for work. We have an incentive to do 52 workouts from August-October and I’m almost done but still, it’ll be an accomplishment. On top of that, I’d like to workout 3 times a week (minimum).
  • Pass all of my exams this month! I have so many tests coming up and while I’m using this time to procrastinate from studying, I have time scheduled to knock out the important things coming up.
  • Finish one book. It really shouldn’t be hard, I’m almost done with two but taking the time for myself to actually read them is difficult (no my textbooks do not count as reading).
  • Attend one Junior League event. I have had to miss out on a few Junior League events due to my crazy schedule recently and I really want to get some time in with the League. If I can at least put in a few hours of volunteering, I’ll be extremely happy.
  • Focus on eating plant-based again. When I recently stressed myself out, I noticed that my eating habits took a turn which didn’t help my mood. One thing I really want to focus on while I’m so busy is keeping myself healthy by eating the right foods. It’s can be difficult to eat healthy while working nightshifts as there is always the temptation to eat all night to stay awake which leads me to my final goal.
  • Come up with a healthier schedule for my shifts. Since they tend to be a lot slower (depending on my patients) I need to keep myself busy. I’ve been attempting to study for my CCRN certification although it gets difficult sitting for long periods at 3 am and not getting drowsy. I think I might need to start taking walking breaks around this time to re-energize myself halfway through the night. I’ll report back next month with my results!


So there it is, 6 relatively easy goals for the month. Hopefully I can accomplish them all.



August goals

This summer is moving so quickly and while I’m not upset about it (I hate the heat) I am surprised that it’s already August. I’ve found that just moseying through the last couple of months has left me rather unsatisfied and to prevent that from happening in the future I’ve decided to set some monthly goals to help me feel like my long term goals aren’t so far away.

  • Read more. I always love perusing book stores but I find that I buy a bunch of books to read and never finish them. I usually start one then get distracted with life and forget to pick it up again. In an effort to not waste any more money this year, I’m making it one of my goals to read all of the books I currently have in my apartment and haven’t read yet (it’s an unfortunate number right now). Currently I have two books started so my goal is to finish them both by the end of the month. I’m already about halfway through both of them so it’s really not that ambitious of a goal.
  • Meal prep. I have been transitioning to a healthier lifestyle this year and one of the things I’ve done is limited my meals out. I still struggle with this because I tend to eat out more than planned but my goal for August is to meal prep every week. I’m working on moving to more of a plant based lifestyle (more on that in another post to come) and in order to eat more plants (without just eating raw everything) requires some planning.
  • Exercise. I’ve been doing very well with this over the past few weeks but I’m struggling with balancing too much exercise with not enough. Some days I want to workout everyday (if not more) and others I can’t even get off the couch. Learning to balance is key here and I’ve started by taking a walk everyday regardless of whether I make it to the gym or not.

I’ve already put in a considerable amount of work this week on all three of these goals (I made a delicious sweet potato zucchini bake that I plan to repeat in the near future/will try to get some good pictures of to post). Speaking of photos, I’m planning on buying a new camera in the near future (more on that to come too). Now that I’ve just mentioned a few impending blog posts that leads me to my final goal of the month.

  • Blog more. As I grow this website, I promise to be  more consistent. I’m spending time planning out posts and generally just having fun with this. I’ve realized its a great outlet for me and I plan to develop it over time.