Plant Based Living

My journey towards health has been an ever evolving one. I’ve spent most of my life overweight and yo-yoing between periods of relative weight loss and gain. In 2015, I decided that that needed to change. I’ve been slowly learning more about nutrition and have experimented with what works best for me.

In September 2015, I tried the Whole30 diet. Although it helped me lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, I soon learned how unhealthy that lifestyle is. There are many great qualities about the Whole30 lifestyle (i.e. incorporating fresh vegetables and eliminating all processed foods) but the consumption of animal products and fats counteracts some of these benefits (and for people who are prone to cardiovascular disease, it can be dangerous).

At the end of that month, I attended the International Plant Based Conference and learned from some of the top researchers in plant based nutrition about the benefits of completely removing animal products from your diet. Although the evidence is overwhelming in support of eliminating these foods from my life, I also believe in balance and recognize that not every food I eat is going to be a whole, plant based food. I’m still working on finding ways enjoy eating out with friends and having treats every now and then while maintaining my healthiest self. I also recognize that we go through ups and down in our lives and sometimes we’ll be really healthy whereas other times we’ll struggle. For me, this lifestyle gives me something to constantly aspire to.

I’ve always really enjoyed cooking but experimenting with completely new ingredients has been a really exciting challenge for me. Over time, small changes have turned into larger ones and I’ve managed to turn this lifestyle into a habit I truly enjoy. Sharing my new creations with friends and family has also been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share more of my adventures here with you!

Some resources for further research:

Forks Over Knives-documentary found on Netflix

How Not to Die-by Dr. Michael Greger founder of

The Starch Solution-by Dr. John McDougall of